About me

I was born in Wonosari, Gunungkidul,Indonesia, on 28 October 1976.I spent most of my childhood in that town, before moving to Yogyakarta‘s in 1992 for my Senior high school, and in 1995 at Gadjah Mada University, the largest university in Indonesia. I was enrolled in the Faculty of Biologi and majored in the area of Plant systematic.During my college i joined Matalabiogama (matalabiogama.or.id). After finishing my undergraduate study, I joined as a freelancer at KSBK malang, to monitored bird trade in Jogjakarta as a part of conservation action.

In 2001 I work as a busines owner in computer business at my town Wonosari till now.

Since 2008, I continue my study at Postgraduate Program in Information Technology (MTI) .

I have an interest in listening and playing music. My hoby is adventure: tracking,bird watching,caving, but now i dont have enough time to do that. oh poor I ‘m.

I enjoy my food and i am easy to go sleeping.  In addition computer books, I read psychology, social, philosophy, and self development books. Oh, I also like  reading newspaper.

I dont like watch tv, its the reason that you cant find any TV at my room.

My Famili

I have married in 2004 with my wife of course. and I love her so much.

Cant miss her so long …


2 Responses

  1. ha….ha…ha….
    ternyata belum lengkap juga…….
    jadi nih aku tamu pertama
    kulo nuwun…..

  2. he he he mas heru ki yaw, dah punya putra berapa neeh?

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